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Lawyers, by virtue of a state's bar admission, are expected to both uphold the law and protect the rights of their clients.

While a one- or two-hour visit might cost a few hundred dollars (sometimes the first consultation is free), an ongoing legal dispute or issue can cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. On the other hand, some personal injury attorneys don't collect a dime unless you win your case.

You may qualify for free legal help if you meet certain income requirements, especially if you are charged with a crime for which the sentence would deprive you of liberty (such as jail or prison time). For non-criminal matters, community legal clinics and lawyers working "pro bono" offer free legal services for those who qualify.

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What is your legal specialty?
How long have you practiced law?
How and how often do you bill?
Can you tell me whether I have a strong case without having to spend a lot of money?
How often will you update me on the status of my case?
What are my responsibilities as a client?

Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale [Florida] :
Michael B Cohen P.A.

City: Fort Lauderdale
Address: 6400 North Andrews Avenue #505

Tel: (954) 928-0059

Zip: 33309

Avvo Rating for Michael B Cohen: Very Good
State Licensing: Dc , Fl , Ny
Professional Memberships: National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Rate this Lawyer: Rate this Lawyer
Education: New York University Law School , Samford University, Cumberland School of Law , ...

Michael B. Cohen, PA is dedicated to Florida & federal criminal defense, protection from extradition & deportation. Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer, former prosecutor, attorney general.I stronly recommend using Mike Cohen as your attorney. J-L Q THE BEST PERSON ON EARTH


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Burnadette Norris Weeks Pa: Norris-Weeks Burnadette [zip: 33311]
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Ft Lauderdale Lawyer [zip: 33301]
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Gunster Yoakley & Stewart: Hackleman Robert S [zip: 33301]
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Haliczer, Pettis & Schwamm, P.A. [zip: 33394]
Hall & Rosenberg [zip: 33316]
Hall Donald R [zip: 33394]
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Halperin Maury [zip: 33351]
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James Sherman [zip: 33316]
Janis Felder Carlson Pa [zip: 33339]
Jason Barnett Law Offices [zip: 33316]
Jason N. Goldman [zip: 33301]
Jeffery J Needle Law Office [zip: 33309]
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Jeffrey M. Harris, P.A. [zip: 33301]
Jeremy M Zubkoff Law Office [zip: 33306]
Jerome R Siegel Pa [zip: 33309]
Joanne Fanizza Law Offices PA [zip: 33306]
Joel R. Brandes Consulting Services, Inc. [zip: 33306]
John B. Gallagher [zip: 33306]
John C Rayson Law Offices [zip: 33306]
John Cotrone, PA [zip: 33316]
John Cyril Malloy III [zip: 33309]
John F Odonnell [zip: 33306]
John F. Bradley, P.A. [zip: 33301]
John J. Hanson, P.A. [zip: 33316]
John Moony Pa [zip: 33306]
John W Case Pa: Case John W [zip: 33306]
Johnson Anselmo Et Al Pa: Ambrosio Chris [zip: 33304]
Johnson Anselmo Et Al Pa: Platow William E [zip: 33304]
Jonathon P. Lynn [zip: 33301]
Joseph A Bosco Law Office [zip: 33304]
Joseph De Gance Pa: De Gance Joseph L [zip: 33306]
Joseph E Burns Law Offices [zip: 33304]
Joseph R. Fasone [zip: 33316]
Joshua D Rydell Law Office [zip: 33315]
Joyce Julian Pa [zip: 33316]
Juan Arias [zip: 33324]
Judy Bonevac Barringer PA [zip: 33306]
Justin B. Weisberg, P.A. [zip: 33316]
Kalis & Kleiman: Kleiman M Scott [zip: 33314]
Kamran Khurshid Law Offices [zip: 33306]
Karcher David P [zip: 33304]
Katzman & Korr Law Office [zip: 33309]
Kaufman David J [zip: 33321]
Kaye & Bender [zip: 33309]
Keller Landsberg PA [zip: 33394]
Kelley/Uustal - Justice For All [zip: 33316]
Kelly Amritt [zip: 33314]
Kenneth R Mikos Law Office [zip: 33306]
Kenneth V Hemmerle II Pa [zip: 33304]
Kiar Monroe D [zip: 33314]
Kirk Girrbach Law Office [zip: 33306]
Knight Gerald L Attorney [zip: 33301]
Kniskern Joseph W [zip: 33327]
Knoerr Stephen E Attorney [zip: 33316]
Kollra Ernest A [zip: 33306]
Korn Corinne R [zip: 33313]
Kraut Mindy R [zip: 33319]
Kreiss & Goldbloom LLP [zip: 33316]
Kristine M Johnson PA: Johnson Kristine M [zip: 33328]
Krupnick Campbell Malone Buser: Cabrera Ivan F [zip: 33301]
Kubicki Draper [zip: 33301]
Kulik Kevin J [zip: 33301]
Kulik Kevin J [zip: 33315]
Kurt Bosshardt & Associates Inc [zip: 33316]
Lara Julianne K [zip: 33328]
Larry Behar Pa [zip: 33316]
Laura D. Dolin [zip: 33328]
Laurence Jodi B [zip: 33394]
Law Office of Barry Butin [zip: 33316]
Law Office of C. Lina Kell, P.A. [zip: 33324]
Law Office of Calvin Steinmetz [zip: 33305]
Law Office of David A. Shulman, PL [zip: 33301]
law office of david f. King, PA [zip: 33304]
Law Office of David Seif [zip: 33304]
Law Office of David V. Molot [zip: 33324]
Law Office of Eric Norstedt, P.A. [zip: 33314]
Law Office of Jonathan S. Friedman, P.A. [zip: 33301]
Law Office of Romaine Brown, PA [zip: 33301]
Law Office of Sofia Guzman, P.A. [zip: 33319]
Law Office Of Steven A. Schaet, Criminal Lawyer [zip: 33315]
Law Offices of Allan M. Lerner, P.A. - Securities, Investment Fraud, Corporate [zip: 33306]
Law Offices of Corey Leifer, P.A. [zip: 33301]
Law Offices Of Diana Santa Maria [zip: 33328]
Law Offices of Diane Gordon [zip: 33309]
Law Offices Of Garry F. Connell P.A.- Personal Injury-Criminal Law [zip: 33324]
Law Offices of Gilbert & Smallman PLLC [zip: 33316]
Law Offices of Glenn M. Mednick, P.L. [zip: 33309]
Law Offices of Isenberg & Nabat [zip: 33324]
Law Offices of James Weick [zip: 33301]
Law Offices of Roberta Boyer Braber [zip: 33316]
Law Offices of Roger P. Foley, P.A. [zip: 33301]
Law Offices of Russ E. Robbins, P.A. [zip: 33311]
Lawrence B. Wolk, P.A., Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer [zip: 33311]
Lawrence D Felder PA - Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale [zip: 33316]
Lawyer's First Title Co [zip: 33306]
Lazarus Paul D [zip: 33394]
LEADER & LEADER, P.A [zip: 33301]
Legal Aid [zip: 33325]
Legal Productions Inc [zip: 33315]
Leila D Anderson Pa: Anderson Leila D [zip: 33306]
Leland E. Garvin [zip: 33304]
Leonardo Giselle [zip: 33301]
Leslie J. Croland [zip: 33309]
Levine & Glassman Llc: Levine Lisa S [zip: 33331]
Levine & Glassman, P.A. [zip: 33331]
Levine Busch Schnepper: Sandler Eric B [zip: 33312]
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Liliana L Guarino, PA [zip: 33326]
Lloyd H. Golburgh, PA [zip: 33316]
Loreen I Kreizinger Law Office [zip: 33306]
Lorna E Brown-Burton Law Office [zip: 33316]
Louis D. Kaye [zip: 33310]
Lowry at Law, P.A. [zip: 33301]
Lubell & Rosen [zip: 33301]
Lustig & Associates [zip: 33306]
Lustig & Associates: Shurka Larry [zip: 33306]
Lyons & Sanders: Sanders Dale R [zip: 33301]
Lyons, Snyder & Collin, P.A. [zip: 33316]
M Daniel Hughes & Associates: Hughes Daniel [zip: 33306]
M K Silverman & Associates Pc [zip: 33309]
Mager Lawyers, LLC [zip: 33306]
Malca & Jacobs PA [zip: 33304]
Malin Haley Di Maggio Bowen [zip: 33316]
Malka & Kravitz P.A. [zip: 33323]
Malloy & Malloy PA [zip: 33309]
Marc Kaufman & Associates [zip: 33301]
Marchetta Jr Arthur E [zip: 33304]
Marcil Michael W [zip: 33301]
Margaret Susan Arneson Pa: Arneson Margaret [zip: 33324]
Marilyn Bonilla Krantz Pa [zip: 33306]
Marinosci Law Group [zip: 33309]
Mark S. Feluren [zip: 33301]
Marks & Fleischer Pa: Eikosidekas Kathy [zip: 33315]
Marks & Fleischer PA: Marks Gary [zip: 33315]
Marshall A Adams Pa [zip: 33301]
Marshall C Watson Law Offices [zip: 33309]
Marshall Dennehey Warner [zip: 33301]
Martin A Zucker Pa [zip: 33309]
Martin J. Shuham [zip: 33324]
Mary Ann Scherer PA [zip: 33306]
Mastriana & Christiansen [zip: 33304]
May Paul M [zip: 33394]
Mayersohn Law Group [zip: 33394]
Mc Connaughhay Duffy Coonrod [zip: 33309]
Mc Connaughhay Duffy Coonrod: Lesnock Taysah [zip: 33309]
Mc Fann & Beavers Pa: Beavers Timothy P [zip: 33301]
Mc Intosh Sawran Peltz Cartaya [zip: 33304]
Mc Intosh Sawran Peltz Cartaya: Sawran James C [zip: 33304]
Medalie & Medalie: Medalie Donald B [zip: 33301]
Mediation Inc: Capp Alvin [zip: 33301]
Mediation Partners LLC [zip: 33304]
Michael A Bernstein Pa [zip: 33304]
Michael B Cohen P.A. [zip: 33309]
Michael B Nipon Law Offices [zip: 33306]
Michael D. Weinstein P.A. [zip: 33301]
Michael DeBiase [zip: 33310]
Michael E Jones Law Office [zip: 33301]
Michael E. Muchnick, P.A. [zip: 33331]
Michael Elstein Law Office [zip: 33309]
Michael Gottlieb Criminal Lawyer Fort Lauderdale [zip: 33316]
Michael H Johnson Law Office [zip: 33309]
Michael J. Friedman [zip: 33301]
Michael Jay Wrubel, P.A. [zip: 33328]
Michael Shane Law Offices [zip: 33309]
Michael Shein LLC [zip: 33301]
Mineo & Dallapina: Haas A Randall [zip: 33301]
Moffa & Bonacquisti, P.A. [zip: 33351]
Moffa & Gainor PA [zip: 33394]
Moidel Shari L [zip: 33306]
Moore & Goodman, P.A. [zip: 33306]
Moore & Lee Llp [zip: 33394]
Moore Sean L Attorney [zip: 33306]
Moraitis Cofar & Karney: Karney William M [zip: 33304]
Morgan and Morgan [zip: 33314]
Moskowitz Mandell Salim [zip: 33334]
Mrejen Blinderman: Mrejen Arie [zip: 33309]
Murray & Simmons LLP [zip: 33301]
Myra P. Mahoney, P.A. [zip: 33306]
Nathalie R Parchment Attys: Parchment Nathalie [zip: 33314]
Nationwide Mutual Insurance: Lefton David [zip: 33322]
New York Title Services [zip: 33306]
Newmark Law Firm [zip: 33312]
Norliza Batts PA [zip: 33306]
Norman Elliott Kent, Esq. [zip: 33301]
Nugent & Ground [zip: 33304]
Nussbaum Jeffrey [zip: 33314]
O'Neal & Booth PA [zip: 33306]
Olive & Associates [zip: 33301]
Oltman Flynn & Kubler [zip: 33304]
Oltman John H Attorney [zip: 33304]
Orlando J Buch Law Office [zip: 33304]
Owoc Vincent J [zip: 33328]
Oxford Law Solutions [zip: 33305]
Pape & Chandler PA [zip: 33394]
Pappacoda Joseph J [zip: 33301]
Parks & Braxton, PA [zip: 33311]
Patric Jones Law Office [zip: 33316]
Patricia R Voss Pa [zip: 33306]
Paul E Gifford Law Offices: Gifford Paul E [zip: 33304]
Paul G Finizio PA [zip: 33316]
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Pomeroy Roger A [zip: 33306]
Pozo Goldstein & Gomez, LLP - Immigration Lawyers [zip: 33326]
Presser Law Group, P.A. [zip: 33301]
Prince & Glick: Glick Joseph [zip: 33316]
Purdy & Flynn PA [zip: 33316]
Quintairos Preito Wood & Boyer [zip: 33301]
Raag Singhal Law Office [zip: 33316]
Ralph Behr: Law Offices [zip: 33316]
Randy Zeldin, Attorney at Law [zip: 33309]
Rebecca J Covey PA [zip: 33316]
Regina Tsombanakis Pa [zip: 33315]
Reinfeld Stuart G [zip: 33321]
Rhoda Sokoloff Pa [zip: 33315]
Rice Pugatch Robinson Schiller [zip: 33301]
Richard Abramowitz [zip: 33351]
Richard F Hussey Pa: Hussey Richard F [zip: 33301]
Richard G Chosid Law Offices [zip: 33309]
Richard Goldstone Pa: Goldstone Richard [zip: 33309]
Richard H Simonson & Olson: Olson Christian [zip: 33311]
Riley Knoerr & Emanuel [zip: 33306]
Riley Stephen J [zip: 33306]
Robby H. Birnbaum [zip: 33309]
Robert E. Ferencik Jr. [zip: 33324]
Robert J. Berman [zip: 33394]
Robert J. Moraitis, P.A. [zip: 33316]
Robert M Bulfin Pa [zip: 33306]
Robert T Goodman Pa [zip: 33306]
Robert W. Murphy, Attorney at Law [zip: 33316]
Robin L. Bodiford, P.A., Bankruptcy Attorney [zip: 33305]
Rocco Marucci Pa Pa [zip: 33301]
Rogers Morris & Ziegler Llp [zip: 33301]
Rose & Rose, P.A. [zip: 33311]
Roselli & Associates, PA [zip: 33306]
Roselli and McNelis, PA [zip: 33301]
Roy A. Diaz [zip: 33306]
Ruden Mc Closky Smith Schuster: Motley Susan P [zip: 33301]
Rudolf & Hoffman PA [zip: 33304]
Ruiz & Clayman Law Office Pa [zip: 33306]
Russell Kaplan Pa [zip: 33316]
Russell L Forkey PA [zip: 33306]
S Thomas Abraham Law Offices [zip: 33304]
Saavedra Jr Rodrigo L [zip: 33306]
Saavedra Pelosi Goodwin-Herman: Pelosi Nancy D [zip: 33316]
Salon Marrow Dyckman & Newman [zip: 33334]
Salpeter Gitkin, LLP [zip: 33301]
Samuel Halpern Pa: Halpern Samuel R [zip: 33306]
Sandra Bonfiglio PA [zip: 33312]
Santangelo Carl G [zip: 33306]
SANTUCCI, PRIORE & LONG, P.L. [zip: 33301]
Schechter Jerome [zip: 33306]
Schiller Kessler & Gomez PLC: Gomez Schiller Marcelo [zip: 33319]
Schiller, Kessler & Gomez, PLC [zip: 33319]
Schlesinger Law Offices Attorneys [zip: 33316]
Schnall & Cadogan: Schnall Ilene S [zip: 33301]
Schumacher Howard [zip: 33301]
Scott A. Mager [zip: 33306]
Scott B Babbitt Law Offices [zip: 33309]
Scott Kistner Law Office [zip: 33312]
Serena Carroll, P.A. [zip: 33301]
Sharmin & Sharmin P.A., Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyers [zip: 33309]
Sheldon J Schlesinger PA [zip: 33316]
Shepard Broad Law Center [zip: 33314]
Sherman Law Offices Chartered [zip: 33306]
Sherri B Simpson Pa: Simpson Sherri B [zip: 33301]
Shuster & Saben, LLC - Foreclosure Defense Attorneys [zip: 33322]
Shutts & Bowen: Heckler Alexander P [zip: 33301]
Silver Samuel M [zip: 33328]
Simonson and Olson, P.A. [zip: 33309]
Simonson Richard H and Olson Christian J PA [zip: 33309]
Singer Gary S [zip: 33394]
Sjogren Teresa B [zip: 33306]
Skipper Mark [zip: 33315]
Smith & Hiatt Diaz: Hiatt Virginia R [zip: 33306]
Smith & Hiatt PA [zip: 33306]
Smith & Smith: Smith Todd L [zip: 33338]
Somera & Associates [zip: 33334]
Sommers L Steven [zip: 33304]
Soreide Law Group PLLC [zip: 33301]
Sorkin and Sorkin, P.L. [zip: 33326]
Spencer William S [zip: 33394]
Squire Steven F [zip: 33304]
Stan L Riskin PA: Riskin Stan L [zip: 33317]
Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler [zip: 33301]
Steinger Iscoe & Greene: Steinger Michael [zip: 33309]
Stephen Black PA [zip: 33304]
Stephen F Goldenberg Pa Law [zip: 33306]
Steven J Hammer Pa [zip: 33301]
Steven L Berzner PA: Berzner Steven L [zip: 33304]
Steven L Malove & Associates [zip: 33316]
Steven M Logan PA [zip: 33312]
Stewart H Lapayoker PA [zip: 33309]
Stoll & Orchard [zip: 33304]
Stone Craig R [zip: 33324]
Stroup & Martin, PA [zip: 33316]
Stuart & Walker: Walker Frank C [zip: 33304]
Stuart M Slutsky Pa: Slutsky Stuart M [zip: 33331]
Stuart Michelson Law Offices: Michelson Stuart R [zip: 33316]
Stweart Lee Karlin Pa: Karlin Stewart Lee [zip: 33309]
Teig Lawrence Pa [zip: 33301]
Tenzer Michael L [zip: 33316]
Terri Schwartz Pa [zip: 33315]
The Amlong Firm [zip: 33301]
The Ansara Law Firm [zip: 33316]
The Dental Law Group [zip: 33306]
The Law Firm of Hagen and Hagen [zip: 33312]
The Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A. [zip: 33301]
The Law Office of Hollis Mandell [zip: 33312]
The Law Office of Kristina Duhaney [zip: 33301]
The Law Office of Rebekah Brown - Wiseman [zip: 33306]
The Law Office of Serena Carroll, P.A. [zip: 33304]
The Law Offices of Comras & Comras P.A. [zip: 33304]
The Law Offices of David Ben Israel, P.A. [zip: 33330]
The Law Offices of Kristin A West, PA [zip: 33301]
The Law Offices of Peggy Cruz-Townsend, P.A. [zip: 33316]
The Law Offices of Robert L. King [zip: 33306]
The Law Offices of Yuri Tsyganov, PL [zip: 33324]
The Medicaid Solutions Consultant Team Inc. [zip: 33351]
The Stella Law Firm, P.A. [zip: 33301]
The Wolff Law Firm [zip: 33301]
Theodore Brill Pa: Brill Theodore F [zip: 33324]
Thomas and Pearl, Attorneys at Law [zip: 33304]
Thomas M Clark PA [zip: 33308]
Thomas P Moss Pa [zip: 33306]
Thomas Tedesco Jr Pa [zip: 33315]
Ticket & License Center [zip: 33311]
Timothy A. Dunbrack [zip: 33324]
Tindall Young T [zip: 33301]
Trippscott.Com: Jordan Scott J [zip: 33301]
Truex Thomas A [zip: 33328]
Tucker & Tighe PA [zip: 33301]
Unger & Kowitt [zip: 33322]
Universal Home & Mold Inspections [zip: 33328]
UNIVERSAL LEGAL - Recruiting and Court Reporting [zip: 33301]
Vicki L Plant Attorney At Law [zip: 33316]
Vincent E. Schindeler, P.A. [zip: 33301]
Voluck Jeffrey M [zip: 33301]
W Craig Eakin PA [zip: 33306]
W George Allen Law Office: Allen W George [zip: 33316]
Wagoner Joseph P [zip: 33304]
Ward Kim Llp [zip: 33394]
Warren D. Diener [zip: 33324]
Warrick Woodward PA [zip: 33304]
Watson Title Insurance Inc [zip: 33309]
Weichert, Realtors Green & Associates [zip: 33306]
Weinbaum P.L. [zip: 33330]
Weiss Serota Helfman: Trevarthen Susan L [zip: 33301]
Weissman Jeffrey a Attorney [zip: 33394]
Wicker Smith O'Hara Mc Coy [zip: 33301]
William Gundlach Pa: Gundlach William [zip: 33306]
William J. Cea [zip: 33310]
William John Di Petrillo Law [zip: 33316]
William Moore, P.A. [zip: 33301]
William Moore, P.A. [zip: 33306]
William R. Scherer (P.A.) [zip: 33301]
Williams and Trese [zip: 33301]
Williams Suzanne [zip: 33316]
Willis Claudia Jo [zip: 33304]
Wizenberg, Attorney & Counselor at Law, P.A. [zip: 33323]
Wolf Pravato [zip: 33309]
Wood & Stuart Pa [zip: 33315]
Woodward Warrick Esq [zip: 33306]
Wool N Richard [zip: 33309]
Wrongful Death-Accident Lawyer-Jamie L. Allen, P.A. [zip: 33301]
Yarbrough Donald A [zip: 33306]
Young Joseph G [zip: 33306]
Your Collection Solution, Inc. [zip: 33322]
Zipper Steven A [zip: 33309]